How to Mak a Lead in Minecraft in 2024

If you love playing Minecraft, you’re likely familiar with various tools and methods to manage in-game creatures, such as moving them or breeding. While you can attract some animals using food, this method can sometimes be slow.

This is where leads are very useful. A lead is an item that lets you tie animals to it, making it much easier to move them from place to place. In this guide, we’ll explain how to make a lead in Minecraft, what materials you’ll need, and the typical ways to use leads.

How to Craft a Lead in Minecraft

To make a lead in Minecraft, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Here’s how to gather the materials you need for making a lead in Minecraft:

  • Four Strings:
    • Kill spiders to get 0-2 strings each. Spiders are usually out at night.
    • You can also get strings by breaking cobwebs with a sword.
    • Having a pet cat might help because they can also bring you strings.
    • In Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions, Striders can drop between 0-5 strings.
  • A Slimeball:
    • Defeat slimes and break them down into their smallest form to possibly get 0-2 slimeballs.
    • Slimes appear in dark, underground places during the night.
    • Trading emeralds with wandering traders or from baby pandas can also get you slimeballs.
To find out how to gather the materials needed to make a lead in Minecraft, you can check out for more details.

Step 2: Open your Crafting Table.

Step 3: Place one string in the first and second boxes at the top row.

Step 4: Put one string in the first box of the middle row.

Step 5: Place a slimeball in the middle box of the middle row.

Step 6: Add one string in the last box of the bottom row.

Step 7: Move the finished lead into your inventory.

How to Craft a Lead in Minecraft
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How to Use a Lead in Minecraft

After making a lead in Minecraft, you can use it to leash certain animals, but not all of them. Animals you can leash include cows, horses, cats, donkeys, mules, parrots, pigs, and rabbits. Let’s look at how to leash a horse, for example.

Here’s what you need to do to leash a horse in the different versions of Minecraft:

  • Education, Java, & Windows 10 Editions: Right-click on the horse.
  • Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Press the “LT” button on your Xbox controller.
  • PS3 & PS4: Press the “L2” button on your PlayStation controller.
  • Wii U & Nintendo Switch: Press the “ZL” button on the gamepad.
  • Pocket Edition: Point your cursor at the horse and tap the “Leash” button.

Boost Your Fun in Minecraft Using Leads!

Leads make playing Minecraft even better. They help you move different things around, which makes surviving easier. Make sure you know how to make leads, create them, and then use them to leash your items.

Remember, the way you leash mobs might change based on the device you’re playing on.

Now that you understand how to make a lead in Minecraft, you can move any mob you want and have even more fun with the game!

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