Where can I buy a used Nintendo Switch?

If you love games and want a Nintendo Switch without spending a lot of money on a new one, getting a used one can be a smart choice. But, how much does a used Nintendo Switch cost?

The price of a used Nintendo Switch can change a lot based on how well it’s been taken care of and what comes with it, like extra controllers or games. Keep reading to learn more about how much you might pay for a used one and some advice on what to check before you buy it.

Is Buying a Used Nintendo Switch Worth It?

Yes, getting a used Nintendo Switch is a good idea, especially if you’re trying to save money. You can find one at a much cheaper price, which helps you save a lot. Just make sure the used Switch is still in good shape, feels strong, and all the important parts work right.

You’ll get to use all the cool stuff a new Switch has, like buying games from the eShop, with a second-hand one too. Plus, you might even get some games, controllers, and other extras without spending a lot of money.

In short, buying a used Nintendo Switch lets you have all the fun of the console without spending too much.

How Much Is a Used Nintendo Switch?

A used Nintendo Switch might cost you between $139 and $400. The actual price can change based on how well the console has been taken care of, what extra stuff like accessories and games come with it, how many people want one and how easy it is to find, and where you’re buying it from.

For example, a Nintendo Switch that’s been taken care of well will likely cost more than one that’s not in good shape.

When a lot of people want a Nintendo Switch and it’s hard to find in stores, the price for used ones might go up. Also, a Nintendo Switch that comes with extra stuff like Joy-Con controllers or a case will be pricier.

Games matter too. If a Switch comes with popular games, like “Breath of the Wild” it might cost more. Where you buy the Switch affects the price as well.

For instance, the price of a Nintendo Switch on eBay might go up or down based on how much people are bidding and how many are selling. But, if you buy from a gaming store like GameStop, the prices might be more steady and predictable.

Tips for Buying a Used Nintendo Switch

Here are some tips if you’re looking to buy a used Nintendo Switch:

Here are some important tips for buying a used Nintendo Switch:

  • Proof of Purchase: Ask the seller for a receipt or bill to make sure the Switch is legit. This helps you know it’s not stolen and gives you info about its warranty and how old it is.
  • Learn About the Warranty: Find out more about the warranty for the Nintendo Switch. This can be really helpful.
  • Check the Condition: Look over the Switch carefully for any damage like dents or scratches. Make sure the joystick, screen, and buttons work well and check that the charging ports are okay.
  • Verify the Serial Number: Look at the serial number and make sure it matches what’s on the box or Nintendo’s website. You can also call Nintendo to check if the serial number is listed as stolen.
  • eShop Access: The Nintendo eShop is where you buy or download games. Make sure the previous owner has logged out. Try signing in with your own account to make sure the console isn’t banned from using online services.
  • Battery Life: The battery cycle tells you how much the console has been used. A higher number means it was used a lot, which can give you an idea of how much battery life might be left.

Where to Buy a Used Nintendo Switch In 2024

Here’s where to buy a used Nintendo Switch:

1. eBay


eBay, with more than 134 million active users in 190 places around the world, is a great spot to either buy or sell a used Nintendo Switch. You’ll see lots of options, including auctions and set price sales.

Sellers put up a list of what they’re selling, along with details about the product, how much it costs, its condition, and how it’ll be sent to you.

If you’re buying, you can either bid on items being auctioned or buy them straight away at a set price. The best part is eBay lets you pay in different ways, like PayPal, or using a credit or debit card.

2. GameStop


GameStop is a big online store where you can buy a used Nintendo Switch. They have a lot of used consoles to choose from and give you a seven-day money-back guarantee, which makes shoppers feel more secure.

Before they sell any used products, GameStop checks and fixes them up carefully, so you can trust that the Switch you buy will be in good shape. They also have a return policy if you need it and let you pay in different ways, like with a credit card.

3. Swappa Gaming


Swappa has tough rules for sellers who want to list their items. They need to give a lot of details and pictures of what they’re selling. This gives buyers a lot of choices.

The cool thing is, Swappa lets you easily compare prices to find the best deal. Plus, Swappa uses PayPal for payments, which keeps both buyers and sellers safe from scams.

Learn more about where to buy a used Nintendo Switch from Nintendo Support.

Why Is the Nintendo Switch So Expensive?

The Nintendo Switch costs a lot because it’s special, everyone wants one, and it has a ton of games. You can play it at home or take it with you, which makes it really popular.

The Switch is really liked by gamers because it has cool features that make it different. This makes more people want it, which can make it cost more. Also, it has lots of games you can’t play on other game systems, which makes it a good buy for gamers.

Can You Trade Your Old Nintendo Switch for a New One?

Yes, you can swap your old Nintendo Switch for a new one at stores or online places like GameStop that let you trade in old stuff. Make sure your Switch works well and is charged up. Also, include any accessories that go with it and erase any personal info before you trade it.

Keep in mind, the trade-in value you get depends on the store’s rules and how good your device looks and works. Also, the trade-in price they tell you is just for that day and doesn’t cover any taxes or extra fees your state might have.

Note:- Nintendo itself doesn't have a special program for trading in your stuff directly with them.

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