Roblox Slang – Most Used Terms ( 2024 Update )

People who enjoy gaming often create their own special language with friends and other gamers they meet online. This language is mostly made up of short slang words that gamers use to talk and move through games more easily and quickly. Roblox players do this too.

If you love playing Roblox or want to get really into it and learn some cool slang words that many Roblox players use, keep reading to discover some of the top Roblox slang terms.

What Are Slang Words in Roblox?

Slang words in Roblox are special words that Roblox players have made up or use among themselves. They are words and phrases that have been shortened, changed, or turned into short forms to make them simpler to use and remember.

These slang terms are unique to the Roblox community and might not be familiar to people who don’t play Roblox with others.

For instance, if I say you’re a “slender” or “copy and paste” Robloxian, you’ll only get what I mean if you’re really into Roblox.

List of 31 Roblox Slangs 2024


There are so many Roblox slang terms, and we can’t cover them all in one article. But here, we’ll share some of the most popular and widely used slang words from the Roblox community.

1. 1v1

1 versus 1 or one-on-one

The slang “1v1” might be confusing if you’re not familiar with gaming or Roblox slang. It stands for “1 versus 1” or “one-on-one”, which means a game where two players compete against each other without anyone else joining in.

2. Adopt Me

Ask someone to take care of you. It is especially used in the “Adopt Me” game.

“Adopt Me” isn’t really slang but a term used in Roblox.

It refers to a game where players can “adopt” and look after pets and other characters.

The term comes from the popular Roblox game named “Adopt Me.”

3. ABC

Invite other players to do a collaborative task (or accept the task)

ABC in Roblox slang is a unique way of responding to questions in the game, especially in roleplaying games.

For example, a player might say, “who wants to be on my team, ABC for yes,” and then another player would reply with “ABC” to show they’re interested.

4. Oof

Used to express something negative has happened

“Oof” is a very popular word in Roblox and is used when something bad happens. It’s also the sound you hear when a character dies or has an accident in the game. It’s more like an expression and comes from the old sound effect used in Roblox for when a character dies.

5. Mic-up

Challenge the other player to join via voice call

“Mic-up” is a phrase used in Roblox games to challenge or tease another player to talk with them using voice chat, often through Discord or similar apps. This term is closely linked with the Ro-gangster and Slender groups in Roblox and is well-known among players.

6. BTC

“Because They Can” (It can also refer to “Bitcoin”)

In Roblox, the slang “BTC” has two meanings.

It might mean the digital currency bitcoin, or it could stand for “Because They Can”. It’s a bit of a vague term that players use when chatting in the game.

You can find out more about it by looking up “What Does BTC Mean in Roblox?

7. Beamed

Roblox Limited items being stolen from your account

“Beamed” is a Roblox term players use when someone gets tricked or scammed.

It’s often used in a playful, teasing manner and is a simple way to say it without using a longer phrase.

8. AFK

Away From Keyboard

“AFK” is one of the most common slang terms in Roblox, standing for “Away From Keyboard.”

It’s super useful for times when you need to step away from the game and can’t type out a full message. Saying “AFK” is the quickest way to let others know you’re temporarily not playing.

9. A/D or A/C

“Accept or Decline” or “Accept or Counter”

“A/D” or “A/C” is slang used in Roblox for “accept or decline” or “accept or counter.”

This is often used when trading, where one player proposes a trade and the other can either agree (A/D) or suggest a different trade (A/C).

10. BB

Brick Battle

“BB” in Roblox means “Brick Battle.”

It’s a type of fighting game where players can either face off one-on-one or team up to battle others.

11. Beaned


“Beaned” is a slang term used when someone’s account is suspended and they can’t play the game anymore, similar to being banned from Roblox. If you’re “beaned,” you can’t access any Roblox pages.

Instead, you’ll end up on a page that says you’re not allowed to visit.

12. Bruh

Brother or “really?”

“Bruh” or “Bro” is really common slang not just in Roblox, but also among friends and people online.

While “Bruh” comes from “Brother,” it’s often used to say “really?” or “seriously?” when something funny or surprising happens.

13. AOS

Arrest On Sight

“AOS” is a popular term in Roblox, standing for “Arrest On Sight.”

It’s mostly used in police role-playing games where players get arrested as soon as they are seen.

14. BBG

Baby Girl

“BBG” in Roblox is short for “Baby Girl.”

It’s often used to tease another player, but sometimes it can be meant in a sweet way, although that’s not very common.

15. Boosted Ape

A player who gets better because another friend helped them achieve that level.

“Boosted Ape” is a humorous term in Roblox for players who reach a higher level because their friends helped “boost” them there.

It’s a funnier way to say someone was “boosted by a friend.”

16. BTW

By The Way

“BTW” is a very common slang both in real life and in Roblox, standing for “By The Way.”

It’s used to start a conversation or change the topic, both in the game and outside of it.

17. PTS

Permission To Speak

“PTS” in Roblox means “Permission To Speak.”

It’s a quick way to ask if you can talk during busy chats or intense gaming moments.

18. DD

Dishonorably Discharged

“DD” stands for “Dishonorably Discharged” and is often used in roleplay games involving military or criminal investigations. When someone says “DD,” it means the player has been removed from their role and needs to exit the game.

19. Cord


“Cord” is a nickname for “Discord,” the online app that gamers use to chat and talk while playing games.

It’s a great tool for playing games with friends while being able to talk to each other.

20. Comped


“Comped” is short for “compromised” and is popular slang in Roblox. It refers to Roblox accounts that have been hacked or missions in games that didn’t go as planned.

It’s similar to the term “beamed” in the Roblox community.

21. IG

“I Guess” or “In Game”

“IG” in Roblox can mean two things: “I Guess” or “In-Game.”

Both are useful during games, especially in team missions, to either make a guess or talk about something happening in the game.

22. ISTG

I Swear To God

“ISTG” stands for “I Swear To God.”

It’s a phrase you might see a lot in game chats, where players talk about surprising or hard-to-believe things about Roblox with each other.

23. B)

Smiling face

This slang in Roblox is just a simple and sweet way to show a smiling face to another player. It doesn’t really mean anything specific; it’s just a friendly gesture.

24. GG

Good Game

“GG” is a popular slang in Roblox, meaning “Good Game.”

Players often use slang like this to talk, especially when playing with people they don’t know, because it’s quick and easy.

25. FFA

Free For All

“FFA” stands for “Free For All.”

It’s a type of game where every player is on their own and has to look out for themselves without any teams.

26. Lua

Coding language used in Roblox

Lua is not really slang but the name of the programming language used to make games in Roblox. It’s the type of coding that beginners often learn when they start creating their own games in Roblox.

27. Noob

Newbie, someone new to Roblox

“Noob” is a slang term that comes from “newbie.” It means someone who is new to the game or Roblox and isn’t very familiar with how things work.

Sometimes, it’s also used in a not-so-nice way to talk about players who aren’t doing well in a multiplayer game.

28. TBH

To Be Honest

“TBH” is a popular slang that means “To Be Honest.”

It’s used a lot by younger people on social media and can be really useful to express honesty during games.

29. PS

Private Server

“PS” in Roblox slang stands for “Private Server.”

It’s used by players when they want to set up their own game space for just themselves and their friends.

30. BSF

Best Friend

This cute slang stands for “Best Friend.”

It’s used a lot on the internet and in the Roblox world too.

31. Soz

A shortcut for “sorry.”

Gamers say “Soz” to say sorry if they make a mistake or don’t do well in a game.

“Soz” isn’t just for Roblox players; it’s also British slang for “sorry.”

32. DP

Dream Pet

“DP” stands for “Dream Pet,” which is used in the Roblox game “Adopt Me” to talk about the pet you really want to get.

33. Robloxian

Refers to the Roblox community

A Robloxian is anyone who plays Roblox games.

It doesn’t matter how often you play. If you have a Roblox account, you’re considered part of the Roblox community, which makes you a Robloxian.

34. BRB

Be Right Back

“BRB” is a slang used not just in Roblox but all over the internet.

In Roblox, players say “BRB” when they need to leave their computer for a bit. You can tell your teammates “BRB” if you’re going to be away from the game for a short time without logging off.

35. TT

Till Tomorrow

“TT” is a cool slang in Roblox used to say goodbye. It stands for “Till Tomorrow,” letting others know you’re done playing for the day and you’ll be back online tomorrow. It’s a quick way to say when you’ll return without giving a specific time. People outside of Roblox use “TT” in the same way too.

What Words Does Roblox Ban?

Roblox doesn’t allow swearing, bad words, or any talk about adult topics. You also can’t use words that bully, discriminate, or trick others. Links that don’t come from Roblox, Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube are not allowed either. Messages about sad real-world events like big accidents or natural disasters might also be blocked.

Roblox is more than just a game; it’s a huge gaming world where lots of kids play daily. That’s why the language used in it really matters.

However, players often find creative ways to bend the rules and come up with clever insults or “roasts” for Roblox.

Wrapping Up

Being part of the Roblox world is like diving into a whole new experience. Once you really get into the game, it’s hard to stop playing.

This guide is perfect for anyone who wants to join in on group games in Roblox but doesn’t know the slang that’s commonly used, especially by older players.

A lot of these slang terms are also used by people who don’t play the game. If you’re active on social media, you might already know some of them.

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