9 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games For 3 Year Olds

Nintendo is famous for being great for families, with games that aren’t too violent and lots of choices for kids. If you have a little one, you might wonder if there are Switch games good for 3-year-olds or kids around that age.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of the best games for 3-year-olds to play on the Switch. We’ll also talk about if the Nintendo Switch is easy for kids to use. Let’s get started!

Can a 3-Year-Old Play Nintendo Switch?

Yes, a 3-year-old can play on the Nintendo Switch. The console is made for all ages, including young kids. Some Nintendo games are okay for everyone, as shown by their ESRB rating, and some are rated PEGI 3-7, which means they’re good for kids aged 3 and older.

Also, most games on the Switch are simple to learn, and kids can quickly figure out how to play them. But, when choosing Switch games for 3-year-olds, look at the Nintendo rating and description online.

If you’re buying a game you can hold, check the back of the box for this information.

Find out more about the system Nintendo uses for Parental Controls.

9 Best Nintendo Switch Games for 3-Year-Olds

Let’s check out some of the best Switch games for little kids.

1. My Friend Peppa Pig

Price: $39.99
Category: Learning, Adventure
Skills it develops: Creativity, Reading, Co-ordination

This game is all about Peppa Pig, a very popular kids’ TV show. In the game, players help Peppa choose what to do every day or when she goes on adventures.

Kids can play as an animal character they pick themselves. They get to explore and solve easy puzzles. The game helps players by giving spoken instructions.

2. Bluey: The Videogame

Price: $39.99
Category: Adventure, Action
Skills it develops: Focus, Coordination, Problem-solving

Bluey is a game from a show about a blue dog from Australia. In this game for the Switch, players go on adventures with Bluey and her family in four places. For the first time, players can check out Bluey’s famous house, a creek, a playground, and the beach.

The game also has a mode where kids can play together with friends. Besides adventures, there are lots of things for kids to collect in the game.

3. Yoshi’s Crafted World

Price: $59.99
Category: Platformer, Action, Adventure
Skills it develops: Creativity, Focus

Yoshi first showed up in Super Mario World but has now become a famous gaming character. In the Switch game Yoshi’s Crafted World, players dress up this cute green dinosaur in different outfits and go on adventures to find items.

The game is like Super Mario games, with levels in different themed worlds. The cool part is you can play these levels backward, giving players a new way to see them.

4. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Price: $49.99
Category: Simulation, Lifestyle
Skills it develops: Responsibility, Accountability

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a game where kids can look after a virtual dog or cat. Players can dress them up, pet them, give them names, and even take them for walks in the game. You can choose from 6 types of dogs and 3 types of cats.

This game is great for kids who want a pet but are too young to have a real one. It’s a lot like the game Nintendogs.

5. Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

Price: $29.99
Category: Action, Platformer
Skills it develops: Focus, Problem-solving

This game comes from the kids’ cartoon PAW Patrol. In the game, seven puppies get superpowers after a meteor falls and makes a mess of Adventure Bay. Now, they have to use their new powers to clean up and save the town.

Kids can play as different characters in 7 superhero missions. There are also 7 mini-games for them to try out.

6. Pokemon Cafe Mix

Price: Free
Category: Puzzle
Skills it develops: Responsibility 

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a game where you solve puzzles to make recipes for customers. Each recipe comes as a puzzle of icons. When you collect enough icons, you can make a dish for your guests.

The game focuses on making friends and working together to solve puzzles. Plus, it’s free to download!

7. Race With Ryan

Price: $24.99
Category: Racing
Skills it develops: Coordination, Focus

Race with Ryan is a racing game where you play as Ryan and go to six different places. The aim is to find mystery eggs hidden on various tracks that have secret paths.

The game is easy to play and is similar to Mario Kart. Some people don’t like its graphics because they’re basic and lack animations. However, these simple features make it perfect for young players.

8. Coloring Book

Price: Free, $4.99 or $6.99
Category: Educational, Simulation, Utility, Training
Skills it develops: Coloring, Writing, Coordination

This is a great learning game on the Nintendo Switch for 3-year-olds. The Coloring Book game has 62 pictures and 18 blank pages for your child to color.

It’s very simple to play. When a player picks a spot, it fills in with color without going over the edges.

There are 130 colors to choose from, and up to 4 players can color together. The basic game doesn’t cost anything, but you can pay a bit more to get the full set of features for kids.

9. Suika Game

Price: $2.99
Category: Puzzle, Party
Skills it develops: Problem-Solving, Coordination

Suika is a game where you match two fruits to make a new one. For instance, if you put two strawberries together, they turn into a grape. The aim is to keep playing until there’s no more space left and the cup fills up.

The game looks very cute and colorful, which kids like. As they play more, they’ll get better at figuring out how to keep everything balanced and learn about the game’s physics, which helps improve their coordination skills.

Do Educational Switch Games Help Kids Learn?

Yes, educational games on the Switch can help kids learn. Learning games for 3-year-olds on the Nintendo Switch can make your child start to love learning because they see it as fun. These games can also help them get better at paying attention and focusing, which are really important for learning.

Educational games for the Nintendo Switch can also help kids learn how to solve problems and work together with others, which is good for them. But, it’s important to not play too much so they still have time for physical activities.

Is Nintendo Switch Easy to Use for Kids?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch is kid-friendly. The controllers are small enough for little hands. Plus, it’s portable and simple to use. The Switch Lite is really light and made to be easy to carry around. Games for 3-year-olds on the Switch are fun and have pictures and themes that kids like.

Switch games for little kids have easy controls and directions, so children can play the game in their own way and time.

Learn more about kids’ options from Nintendo Switch.

Wrapping Up

The Nintendo Switch is for everyone, so there are lots of games for 3-year-olds. Whether you want games about adventures, action, or learning, there are many choices, including ones with well-known characters like Bluey.

Most of these games are rated for ages 3 and up, which means they’re also great for 5-year-olds.

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