How to Cuss in Roblox & Say Bad Words ( 5 Best Ways in 2024 )

Roblox has rules that everyone playing the game must follow, and one of these rules is to always be nice to other players. So, can you use bad words in Roblox? And is there a trick to get around the system when chatting or using voice chat?

Let’s break it down and see if there’s a way to say bad words in Roblox.

How to Say Cuss Words in Roblox?


Although it might seem tough to use strong language in Roblox because the game doesn’t allow it and can block users for it, there are some clever ways to get around this.

Here’s how you can say bad words in Roblox in a smart way:

1. Use Creative Spelling

If you’re trying to use strong words in Roblox, you can get creative with how you spell them. Mix up some of the letters with different ones to make the strong word not so clear. Like, if you want to say “b**ch,” you could swap the “I” for a “U.”

You can also use symbols instead of letters. For instance, an underscore (_) and two straight lines (|) could stand in for the letter “L” or the number “8” for “B.”

So, if you want to say “a**,” you could write it as “a$$.”

This trick works for other words too, like “Discord,” which Roblox doesn’t usually let you say.

2. Use Another Language

You can also use strong language in Roblox by choosing words from other languages instead of English and by changing the letters around a bit. For instance, instead of saying “jackass,” you could use “le baudet,” which means the same thing in French.

Roblox usually checks for strong language in English, so words in other languages might not be caught.

To be even more careful, you can slightly change the spelling of these foreign words too.

3. Break Words to Bypass the Filter

When you’re playing action or role-play games on Roblox, you can sometimes get around the chat filters. One way is by adding extra letters like “ck” or dots in the middle of a strong word.

For instance, you could change “bit*” to “bitckh”. People will still get what you mean.

But, remember, Roblox might catch on to what you’re doing and you could end up with your account banned.

4. Use Abbreviations

Instead of typing out the whole strong phrase, you can use short forms like “wtf” for “What the fck” or “lmao” for “laughing my a* off”.

People playing Roblox will probably know what you mean, and the chat filters often don’t catch these shortened versions of strong words.

5. Make Your Own Cuss Word or Terms

You can create your own strong words to express yourself. Just think of any word or phrase that could take the place of the strong word you want to use.

The idea is to type something that works as a stand-in for the strong words you’re thinking of, helping you feel better without actually using them.

Why Doesn’t Roblox Allow You to Cuss?

Roblox doesn’t let you use strong language because a lot of kids play on the platform. The rules in Roblox’s community standard section 12 say that you can’t use strong language in text, audio, or pictures. This is to make sure everyone is nice to each other while playing. Roblox uses a special filter to check for strong language.


According to data, in the third quarter of 2022, there were 26.4 million young Roblox players under 13 years old. That’s more than the year before, which had 23.1 million young players.

Will Roblox Ban You If You Cuss?

Yes, Roblox can block you for using strong language because it goes against their community rules. How often you’ve broken the rules can affect how long you’re banned. Here’s what might happen if you use strong language in Roblox:

  • A simple heads-up. Roblox might just remind you to stick to the rules.
  • 1-day timeout. Your account gets a 24-hour break.
  • 3-day timeout. You can’t access your account for 72 hours.
  • 7-day timeout. Your account is on pause for a whole week.
  • Account gone. If you keep breaking the rules, your account might be deleted forever.

What Words Are Not Blocked on Roblox?

Roblox lets some strong words slide, like:

  • bada
  • blacka
  • crap
  • damn
  • darn
  • heck
  • hell
  • hoe
  • slowa

But Roblox keeps changing its rules, so a word that’s okay to use now might not be allowed later. If a word you’ve been using gets flagged as a strong word by Roblox later on, it shouldn’t come as a shock.

How to Turn Off Safe Chat in Roblox for Users Under 13 Years

Turning off safe chat in Roblox by changing your parent’s email looks like this:

Step 1: Access Your Roblox Account

Go to and sign in.

Step 2: Go to “Settings”


Step 3: Click “Security”

Step 4: Scroll Down & Edit the “Parent’s Email Address” Option


Step 5: Type Your Email Address & Click “Update”


Step 6: Go to Your Mailbox & Activate the Link Sent by Roblox


Step 7: Go Back to Roblox & Click “Privacy Mode” Option


Step 8: Toggle Safe Chat to “Off”


Step 9: Save by Clicking “Finish Verification”


How to Monitor Your Child’s Chat on Roblox?

Here’s a simple way to check your child’s chat history on Roblox:

Step 1: Log Into Roblox Account


Step 2: Go to the “Chat” Feature Placed at the Bottom Right Corner


Step 3: View “Chat Histories”


Can You Delete a Chat on Roblox?

In Roblox, you can’t delete messages from other players, only messages from Roblox itself. But, you can archive messages to tidy up your inbox. Here’s how:

  1. Open Messages: When you’re looking at a message, go to the menu at the top.
  2. Archive It: Press the “Archive” button.

If you decide you want to see these messages again, you can:

  • Go to the “Archive” section, find the message, and click “Move to Inbox” to bring it back.

Can You Cuss in Roblox Voice Chat?

You can use voice chat in Roblox, but the rules say you shouldn’t use strong language. Voice chat doesn’t have filters like text chat, so it’s easier to say things you’re not supposed to. However, even if you can say bad words, it’s still against Roblox’s rules.

The Roblox community standards specifically state the following:

“We expect all Robloxians to treat one another with kindness. This means striving to be civil and respectful in all of your interactions. To encourage this environment, Roblox prohibits: 1. Discrimination, Slurs, and Hate Speech.”

Cussing Is Not Allowed in Roblox but You Still Can

Roblox doesn’t want players to use bad words when they talk or chat. It has special filters for written chats to stop swearing.

But, there are still some clever ways to curse in Roblox if you’re creative.

Just remember, if you get caught using words you’re not supposed to, you might get banned.

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