What Is a Discord Kitten? [Meaning Explained]

As you spend more time online, you’ll come across many words and phrases that might seem strange. In this post, we’re going to explain what “Discord kitten” means, in case you’re feeling confused during some online chats.

Discord is an app for chatting through voice, video, and text, and it’s really popular among people who love gaming. It’s a cool place for gamers to talk with others, share tips, watch each other play games, and just chill.

The app is generally safe, but sometimes you might see a term you don’t know often, and it can make you wonder. So, what does Discord kitten mean? Let’s dive in and learn about it.

What Is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord kitten is a person on the internet who gets extra nice stuff from others. These are often girls who get gifts like things you can hold or online memberships from someone known as their “Discord daddy.” This person is usually a guy, similar to what people call a “sugar daddy” in real life.

In return for the gifts they get, kittens often offer their Discord daddy friendship or act in a flirty way. These relationships sometimes move to other social media platforms.

The Urban Dictionary says a Discord kitten is a “girl who gets stuff for saying ‘UwU’.” This is a simple way to put it, but it still gives you a basic idea.

Is It Safe to Be a Discord Kitten?

Whether it’s safe to be a Discord kitten can depend on many things, but it’s usually better to stay away from these kinds of relationships. Like on many other websites, making an account on Discord is really easy, so it’s also easy for someone to pretend to be someone else.

There's a big risk that bad people might try to use Discord kittens to get personal info, like where they live.

Kittens can also try to get money from their partners. If you’re an adult thinking about this kind of relationship, be sure to make the rules clear.

If you’re a parent with kids who use Discord, keep an eye on what they’re doing there. Discord doesn’t have the usual parental controls, but it does have options to block bad content and stop direct messages.

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