How to Use Roblox on Nintendo Switch (2024 Update)

Roblox and the Nintendo Switch are both really popular with gamers. But, can you play Roblox on a Nintendo Switch? Can you enjoy Roblox games on this console just like you do on computers or tablets?

In this post, we’re going to talk about if you can play Roblox on the Nintendo Switch and how to do it if it’s possible.

Is Roblox Available On Nintendo Switch?

Roblox can’t be played on the Nintendo Switch. However, you can still visit the Roblox website using the web browser on the Nintendo Switch. But right now, you can’t download or play Roblox games on the Switch.

Right now, you can only play Roblox on Xbox consoles. People with PlayStation have to wait for Roblox to become available on their consoles.

But, you can also play Roblox on computers with Windows or Mac, and on mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones.

When Will Roblox Be Available On Nintendo Switch?

No one has officially said that Roblox will come to the Nintendo Switch soon. Even though a lot of people think Roblox would be great on the Switch, neither the Roblox company nor Nintendo has said anything about it yet.

Even though Roblox came out in September 2006, people who use the Nintendo Switch are still waiting for a version that works on the Nintendo console.

But, you can still find a way to play Roblox on the Nintendo Switch by following this guide.

How To Play Roblox On Nintendo Switch with Custom DNS

You can get to Roblox on the Nintendo Switch by changing the DNS settings.

Here’s how to make Roblox work on the Nintendo Switch.

Step 1: Go to DNS Settings


To change the DNS, go like this: “system settings > internet settings > change settings > DNS settings.


The DNS settings are usually on “automatic.” Switch it to “manual” and type in

This IP address belongs to SwitchBru DNS. It's a public DNS server from another company that helps the Switch start a web browser.

Step 3: Save DNS settings


Press “Save>Connect> Next.

Step 4: Access


Go to the SwitchBru DNS webpage and look for “Useful Links.”

Keep going down the page until you see Then, log in with your Roblox account details or sign up to create a new Roblox account.

You can get to Roblox on your Nintendo Switch, but you can't actually play the games. Still, you can change how your character looks or talk to other players in Roblox using your Switch.

How To Play Roblox On Nintendo Switch [Installing Android]

Some Roblox players say you can play Roblox games on a Nintendo Switch if you put Android on it.

A YouTube video by TheCreepyHeadphones explained that using RCM mode on the Switch is a step to get Android running on it.

The YouTuber mentioned they did a lot of installations on their Switch to make Android work and finally play Roblox.

However, they didn’t share how they installed Android on the Switch, so we can’t be sure about the process.

Others also say putting Android on your Switch might cause issues. So, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it might be best to avoid this complicated method.

Wrapping Up

Roblox is really popular, so its creators have made it work on many systems and web browsers.

But, Roblox can’t be used on some big-name game consoles.

For those with a Nintendo Switch, you can get on Roblox, but you can’t download or play any games.

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