How Long Does TEMU Take to Ship to USA?

Many people in the USA love shopping on TEMU, a popular online store from China known for its super-low prices. But if you’re in the US and want to know when your stuff from TEMU will arrive, it’s a bit tricky. The time it takes for your TEMU order to reach you can change depending on where you live, how it’s shipped, holidays, and sales.

Let’s make it simple: Sometimes, it can take a while for your TEMU stuff to arrive in the USA. The time varies, so it’s hard to say exactly when it will come. But we’ll explain what makes it go faster or slower so you can have a better idea.

What are The TEMU Shipping Methods in The USA?

How Long Does TEMU Take to Ship to USA

TEMU gives you a few choices to get your stuff from China to the USA:

  1. Standard Shipping:
    • This is the regular way, and it’s free if you spend a certain amount (usually $10-15).
    • It takes about 10-20 business days, but it can take longer when they’re really busy.
    • Your package goes through the normal mail system and then gets to you through the US Postal Service (USPS).
  2. Expedited Shipping:
    • If you want your things faster, you can pay more for expedited shipping.
    • It’s usually about 5-8 business days on average.
    • The price depends on how heavy your stuff is. Light things cost less, but heavier things cost more.
    • They use speedy services like DHL, FedEx, or UPS to deliver your package faster.
  3. ePacket Delivery:
    • If your order is small and not too heavy (up to 4.4 lbs), you can choose ePacket.
    • It’s faster than regular shipping, about 10-20 days on average.
    • The cool thing is that it doesn’t cost much, just a few dollars.
    • It’s like a mix of fast shipping but with lower prices from China Post.

So, you have these options to pick how fast and how much you want to pay to get your TEMU goodies in the USA.

What Factors affect TEMU’s Shipping Times?

Here are the things that can make your TEMU order take longer to reach you in the USA:

  1. Where You Live:
    • If you’re in a big city near the coast, like New York or Los Angeles, your stuff comes faster because those places are close to where it enters the country.
    • If you’re in the middle of the country or a rural area, it takes more time because your things have to travel further.
  2. How You Ship:
    • Picking faster shipping like expedited or ePacket gets your things to you quicker compared to regular shipping.
  3. Order Processing:
    • If your order is straightforward, it gets out the door faster. But if it’s tricky, like a pre-order or customized item, it takes longer to process and ship.
  4. Customs Check:
    • Stuff from China has to go through customs in the US. If there are issues with paperwork or they need to check things closely, it can add 1-3 business days.
  5. Busy Times:
    • When it’s holiday season (from October to January) or there are big sales like Black Friday or Christmas, things slow down because lots of people are ordering. This can cause delays in China and at US customs.
  6. Where It Ships From:
    • TEMU has warehouses in different parts of China. If your stuff comes from far inland, it takes more time to reach the US.
  7. Size and Weight:
    • If your order is big and heavy, it takes more time to handle and move around. Really big items might be slower to ship.

So, these are the things that can make your TEMU order take longer to arrive in the USA.

How Long Does TEMU Take to Ship to USA?

Here’s how long it usually takes for your TEMU orders to arrive in the mainland USA:

  • Standard Shipping: About 15-22 business days.
  • Expedited Shipping: Around 6-10 business days.
  • ePacket: Usually 14-21 business days.

If you live in places like Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or other US territories, add an extra 3-7 days to these times.

But remember, during the busy holiday season from October to January, everything takes longer.

For faster shipping (expedited), folks on the east coast might get their stuff quicker, while people on the west coast might wait a bit longer. If you’re in the middle (Midwest or central states), your wait time falls somewhere in between.

How can you track your TEMU package?

When you order something from TEMU, they give you a tracking number. This number helps you see where your stuff is while it’s on its way to the US. But sometimes, the tracking updates don’t show the real progress right away.

Here’s what you might see on your tracking:

  • First, they process your order in a warehouse.
  • Then, it gets sent out from the warehouse.
  • It goes to a big export hub in China.
  • After that, it leaves China.
  • While it’s on its way, it’s called “in transit.”
  • Next, it arrives in the US, but they don’t say exactly where.
  • It goes through customs, which is like a security check.
  • Then, it gets closer to your home, to a local place.
  • Finally, it’s either out for delivery or already delivered to you.

Between the “in transit” and “arrived in destination country” parts, there might be a big gap because your stuff is crossing the ocean. But once it’s in the US, you’ll get more detailed tracking.

If your order seems stuck or takes too long, don’t worry. You can contact TEMU Customer Support, and they can check what’s going on and give you updates.


In a nutshell, TEMU has great bargains for folks in the US, but it usually takes about 2-3 weeks for your stuff to arrive. Remember, during holidays, it might take even longer.

If you’re in a hurry, you can pay more for expedited shipping to get your things faster.

Keep an eye on your order status now and then, and it’s a good idea to plan for some extra time. With a bit of planning and patience, you can enjoy TEMU’s super low prices delivered right to your doorstep.


Here are some common questions and answers about TEMU shipping:-

What’s the fastest way to get my TEMU order?

If you want your stuff really fast, go for expedited shipping. It takes about 5-8 business days on average, but it costs more. If you want something fast without spending too much, ePacket is a good choice.

How long does regular shipping from TEMU to the USA take?

Regular shipping from TEMU (it’s usually free) takes around 10-20 business days. But during busy times like sales or holidays, it can take up to a month sometimes.

Why is my TEMU order taking so long to show up?

Sometimes, it takes longer because of busy holidays, too many orders in their warehouse, customs checks, or bad weather. If it’s super late, you can contact their support to find out where it is.

Can I speed up my TEMU order somehow?

Yep! You can pay for expedited shipping to get it faster, or try ordering earlier before holidays get crazy. Splitting your orders and picking UPS can also make it a bit quicker.

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